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#MeetAgainWith Marvin Eichsteller
Detecon Alumnus Marvin Eichsteller

When did you work for Detecon? What was your function?

I worked for Detecon from 2015 to 2017, first as part of my internship semester in Corporate Communications and then as a working student. I have built several websites together with my colleagues and in particular promoted the topic of "Personal Branding" at Detecon. In this context, I wrote my Bachelor's thesis and my later book "Personal Branding: How do you build up experts as personal brands in the digital media? (Media and Management)".


What were your most exciting Detecon moments?

My whole time at Detecon was exciting in every way. I was able to take on projects of my own at an early stage and I was given a lot of trust right away. What I liked most were the personal branding workshops with the Partners, which I led together with Ingrid Blessing. The emergence of the personal brands of two Detecon Partners and especially the successes which both were able to achieve had a lasting effect on my professional and personal development. The establishment of the Center of Excellence at Detecon was then able to carry our work forward so that each employee was given the opportunity to build up his or her own personal brand.


What are you doing today?

I switched to IT at ALDI SÜD after my studies and am now the IT sublead for Customer Service in Germany. There I am responsible for the successful implementation of new applications in ALDI SÜD's customer service and for ensuring that our business side has the best tools to get the job done on a daily basis. In addition to my role as IT Sublead, I work as a Senior IT Professional in international IT, where I am in charge of PCI DSS in an international project and work on the Service Go Live of all customer service applications in project teams.


What did you particularly appreciate about your job at Detecon and what do you miss from this time?

I have found Detecon to be a company that places great trust in every employee from the very beginning and offers everyone room for their own development. I miss the time in a team which I personally appreciated very much and I also miss the parties (which are legendary). The Corporate Communications team felt like a family for me and even today I am still in regular contact with former colleagues.


In which 3 hashtags do you describe Detecon?






Thank you for the interview, Marvin!

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