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#WhatHappenedTo Nari Kahle?

Nari Kahle, Alumna from Detecon International
Nari Kahle, Alumna from Detecon International.

When did you work for Detecon? In what role?

I worked for Detecon from the beginning of 2012 to 2015 in various roles: first as an intern, as a Research Assistant during my doctorate, then as a Consultant and finally as a Senior Consultant.


Which were your most exciting Detecon moments?

Undoubtedly, there were many beautiful and exciting moments. One highlight was certainly when I was given responsibility for the "Integral Business Community" in order to combine the topic of sustainability with our core business. I do also remember many summer and Christmas team parties with our notorious waffle counter which unfortunately did not get along very well with the smoke alarm.


So, what are you doing today?

Even though, I had never accompanied an automotive project, I have meanwhile ended up in the Volkswagen Group. Here I run the xStarters program. Together with my team I am building an online platform for young people in order to impart digital skills and to promote social innovations. So I have remained true to my former themes.


What did you particularly appreciate about your job at Detecon and what do you miss about this time?

The cooperation and being together with the colleagues from our team was always a great pleasure. I like to think back to the positive and energetic atmosphere and the fun we all had together.


Please give us three Hashtags that describe Detecon!

1. #digital

2. #ict

3. #newwork


Thank you very much for the interview, Nari!






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