Become a #truedigitaltransformer at Detecon

Generalist or expert, junior or senior - find your way into Detecon and lead exciting projects to success in interdisciplinary and agile teams.

As a Digital Transformer, you can always expect new challenges to rise to. You decide again and again how your optimal career path looks like and let us know how we can support you.

Unser Bewerbungsprozess - in 4 Schritten zu deinem Traumjob

Der Fokus in unserem Prozess liegt auf dem gegenseitigen Kennenlernen, fachlich aber vor allem persönlich. Diesbezüglich versuchen wir dir möglichst viele Kollegen vorzustellen, mit denen du dich über die Inhalte sowie den Arbeitsalltag in der Detecon umfangreich austauschen kannst. 

Bewerbungsprozess Detecon
Bewerbungsprozess Detecon

Our application process - 4 steps to your dream job

The focus in our process is on getting to know each other, professionally but above all personally. In this regard, we try to introduce you to as many colleagues as possible with whom you can extensively exchange information about the contents as well as the daily work at Detecon. 

#1 Screening of your application

During the examination of your documents we will check whether your CV matches us in terms of subject matter and subject matter.

#2 First acquaintance in a telephone interview

In a first phone call we already give you the opportunity to talk to one of our managers from the department in order to coordinate possible topics and mutual expectations. 

#3 Invitation to a personal meeting

Depending on your level of experience, you will then be invited to our selection day. Versatile tasks and different colleagues are waiting for you to sharpen your overall impression of Detecon. At the end of the day we will give you extensive feedback, which may already include our offer. 

#4 Welcome on board

If the result of your selection process is positive, you start with an onboarding!

The first 30 days at Detecon

Would you like to know more about the career opportunities at Detecon?

Feel free to contact us for your open questions

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