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Patient centricity and business models oriented to profit are determining factors in the digital age for pharma and health care companies. They are facing the challenge of adapting adequately to the transformation of their markets, the appearance of new competitors, and changing customer needs. The key to success is in the sustainable adaptation of business models and selection of partnerships, in the opportune modification of the way products are produced and distributed, how companies advance the development of their corporate culture and talented employees, and how they continuously cultivate their image.

How digitalization is changing the life science sector

Best practices from other sectors that are already in the midst of digital transformation demonstrate that the development of profit-oriented price models will also play an increasingly significant role for the pharma and health care industry. Worldwide digitalization offers real-life proof and can be taken as the cornerstone for the development of future business models. The expertise demanded for the appropriate realization of digital transformation is an important factor for sustainable, long-term success.

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Artificial Intelligence Partnership Programme

Detecon analyzes your business challenges, identify the best AI provider for your individual needs, design a suitable business strategy, guide technical deployment as well as optimization of your AI use case to ultimately roll out the solution throughout your organization.

  • Deploying AI solutions to improve operational efficiency and overall perfomance.
  • Use new insights to create new business models
  • Innovate faster and generate new business opportunities by leveraging competitive advantage achieved from advanced insights into analytics.

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