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Fast Five Edition 48
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Uber self-driving trucks in the ground, long live Uber self-driving cars

Uber is ceasing the development of its self-driving trucks unit, announcing that the Uber Advanced Technologies Group will instead focus its resources on self-driving cars. Uber Freight, the business unit that connects truck drivers with shipping companies, is unaffected by this change. The company informs it will pivot its employees to focus on efforts that support the ongoing development of self-driving technology. With Uber only recently putting its autonomous vehicles back on Pittsburgh’s city streets, it is taking a slower and more careful approach, with its autonomous Volvo XC90 vehicles to be driven manually by humans under a new set of safety standards… for now.

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Is your property ready for 5G?

Carriers, such as T-Mobile are currently working heavily on the first wave of their new 5G Standard. 5G will be the Game Changer in the IoT industry – however homeowners are concerned if their property is ready for the new cellular technology. Together with electricity, gas and water, connection in buildings has become an essential utility. Is it now time to invest?

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Facebook’s bad news continues – the company loses $120 billion overnight!

After the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook has had to accept another defeat. Due to its slowest-ever user growth rate, Facebook’s share price fell by more than 20 percent – that’s the biggest single-day loss in US history. In Q2 the user count only grew by 1.54, that’s around half of the growth rate of the previous quarter. Has Facebook reached it’s peak?

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An apple a day… is worth $1 trillion in value!

This Thursday, Apple hits as the first American public company a value of $1 trillion (by the way, that’s a figure with 12 zeros). It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy and Steve Jobs had to ask Bill Gates to invest $150 million in 150,000 shares. Now Apple is performing better than ever, the iPhone 8 and their flagship model iPhone X is selling extremely well in China and Japan. And the company doesn’t stop here, Wall Street predicts Apple’s value could go even higher.

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What happens when someone dies at the hands of a robot?

Over the past 25 years, 61 robot-related injuries and deaths were reported in the US, with the vast majority of these cases caused by industrial robots.
But when this happens, who is to blame?
When a robot kills a human, it’s usually because the bot is too stupid, rather than smart. As a result, the blame is generally placed on the machine’s manufacturers on the grounds of negligence. However, as Artificial Intelligence continues to develop, the blame game will become much more complex, with legal scholars even debating over whether robots themselves could be charged with murder.

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