Silicon Valley Edition 58

Fast Five
Fast Five Edition 58

US to lose position as world’s venture leader?

Historically, venture capital has been a US-centric practice and has become a global phenomenon. However, the US may be losing its competitive advantage of being the dominant location for the startup and venture capital scene. In comparison to the whole world, the US still happens to produce the largest amount of venture – but America’s share of the global pie is falling steadily and quickly. That is a main takeaway from recent study that examined the flow of venture capital from over 100,000 deals from 2005 to 2017.

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The never-ending story about password security

It is much simpler for a manufacturer of devices to have a single password on all their devices and ask users to change it. But most consumers don't bother to change it – they just start using their device and connect it to their wireless internet. That leaves the device wide open to attack – and this threat can be multiplied by millions. But under the new law "Security of connected devices”, from 2020 onwards anyone manufacturing an internet-connected device in California will have to give it a unique password in an effort to increase overall online security.

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Google+ is getting a second chance at life

Earlier this week Google announced it would discontinue Google+ after a large disclosure of a bug that potentially impacted half a million users – Now they pedaled back! The company is revamping its Google+ enterprise version making it an emerging competitor in the enterprise communication space.

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Fashion and Tech make a great match

It seems like there is a large gap between fashion and innovations from the Silicon Valley! In order to see what is out there, creative consultancy group The Lead created “The Foremost 50”. This list recognizes the direct-to-consumer digital native brands that are reinventing and redefining the future of the fashion and retail industry. People who run these companies are rule-breakers, risk takers and visionaries implementing innovative business models and creating value for investors. Their approaches are inspiring and fresh compared to the usual suspects of retail shopping.

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An astonishing dynamic Robot

Atlas, the humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics, now got even more dynamic! The latest version can casually leap up and jump over obstacles that would leave many humans out of breath. At this point, we’ve gone from “Haha, how cute, look at rigid robot running like a human,” to “Wow, I’m seriously scared that robot could beat me up.” Next year, we’re expecting Atlas to do the hula hoop?!

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