Silicon Valley Edition 59

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Fast Five Edition 59

App “DoNotPay” makes filing a lawsuit a piece of cake – and cheaper!

No need to hire an expensive lawyer! You simply have to download this app and answer questions about the nature of the filing including the amount you want to sue for. After directing the claim to one of 15 separate legal lanes, the app provides the documents necessary for the suit, including a demand letter, filing documents and a strategic script to read in court. Users print these out and mail them to the relevant courthouse, setting the lawsuit in motion.

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Facebook’s “war room” to fight misinformation on display

The command center, which accommodates 20 people from different departments, was implemented to better secure the platform. Being physically in one room accelerates the speed to be able to detect and react accordingly. This will bring more transparency to political advertising as well as the company hopes for more successes when fighting face accounts and stopping the spread of fake news. Additionally to the room, Facebook increased their safety and security team from 10K to 20K employees!

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Uber to include on-demand staffing service to its platform

The new service “Uber Work” will provide short-term work in professions like security and hospitality. Following an earlier trial in Los Angeles, it is starting the recruitment phase soon. This all comes in time for Uber’s plan to go public next year. To attract investors, Uber wants to show that it is more than just a transportation platform.

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Affordable housing thanks to 3D printing

The idea is to fight homelessness in the developing world. To do so, Texas-based company Icon has raised $9 million in seed funding to build custom 3D-printed homes in less than 24 hours. Icon wants to use the new funds to further its mission of revolutionizing homebuilding through robotics, software, and advanced materials.

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Luxury brands pursing direct-to-consumer sales

Especially luxury fashion brands rely on multi-brand retailers as their main connection to shoppers. However, due to the growth of e-commerce and social media, this is incrementally changing. Therefore, it is shifting the balance of power between brands and retailers. But albeit pursuing more of their own business, they are still charging the same retail prices to not undercut those wholesale partners who are still important.

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