Unleashing PON full potential – connectivity for all use cases

Integrated Planning for 5G and NG-PON2

Is it feasible to combine fixed and mobile services over the same underlying physical network infrastructure? Our colleagues have looked into this question. The possibility of an integrated approach would lead to a more efficient use of resources and potentially a higher and faster return on investment. An integrated approach could also encourage faster deployment of fibre infrastructure and contribute to growth in both the public and private sectors. Finally, we believe that an integrated planning and deployment approach will facilitate the rollout of 5G by providing a highly reliable, powerful and low-latency infrastructure.

Today, the first significant deployments of 5G technology are already underway. Abstracting from the hype it is important to put the arrival of the new technology into the perspective of required basic resources to be able to deliver on the promises of: massive connectivity, ultra low latency and 10Gbps + speeds. One last important resource needed is site connectivity – and this is the topic of a new Detecon Opinion Paper.

Detecon Consultants examined the potential advantages of integrated planning in the fixed access domain to serve both mobile and fixed network use cases. Traditionally, the mobile network is separated from the fixed network in the sense that mobile backhaul is a transmission service that partly uses some physical resources from the fixed access network (dark fiber, copper line). We are going further in comparison to these traditional approaches because we consider the possibility of providing mobile connectivity from a functional and capacitive point of view while simultaneously using the same fixed fiber optic network (PON). 

In this context Detecon conducted a case study with the aim of comparing CAPEX implications of joint versus separate deployment of fixed access network and backhaul/fronthaul network. For this purpose we analyzed an urban residential area in western Europe. For the modelling of the passive network Detecon’s own network planning tool NetWorks Fixed Access is used.



Please find detailed information here: Opinion Paper

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