Intelligent business by Big Data?

Recommendations for Big Data implementation and improving customer centricity – an approach from a Telco perspective 

Are telecommunication operators able to intelligently improve their business by applying "Big Data"? This paper provides recommendations for telecommunication operators on how to apply Big Data, in order to improve their customer centricity and in the end to guard their customer base. Many of our recommendations also apply to other fields as well. 

Telecommunication operators are dealing with customer bases of several millions of clients and have to provide management information for the large organisation with many stakeholders in order to be successful. Most of their revenues are generated by offering services of a complex nature. As a result, data is historically large or let’s say “big”. Because of the law of “the handicap by a head start1”, there is conservatism in introducing Big Data. 

Most operators serve markets that are saturated. In these markets, retaining customers is a key factor and customer centricity is simply vital. The current hype on Big Data created expectations that Big Data provides additional market relevant information resulting in a competitive advantage for companies that would apply to it. 

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